What are the best motivational pictures?

Answer By :- Virajita Das It is you who has to believe in yourself. The way you think will always become the reflection of what you are. Who doesn't want to be in Forbes? Have Hope! The best will come your way. For all the QUOARNS out there! Morning Motivation. Never ever quit. It'll keep getting... Continue Reading →

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What are some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)?

By Foram Rangani,  Attractive People With Dead Personalities! 2. Our Society Today 3. The Sad Reality. 4. Smoking & Drinking Might Seem Cool, But Cancer Isn’t. 5. What Have We Humans Turned Into? 6. Its All About The Perspective. 7. Don’t Make Up The Problems If You Have None. 8. Never Complain About What Your... Continue Reading →

What are the best motivational pictures?  

By Ankit Raj Mahapatra,  BEST MOTIVATIONAL PICTURE (hmm) First let me tell you that the best motivational picture is the picture of yourself and your family/ Parents. Here are some of the motivational pictures with text. Thanks for scrolling down. Have a great day ahead.

What is the scariest map that you’ve ever seen?

What is the scariest map that you've ever seen? by Elias FredericksAnswer by Elias Fredericks: Visualizing World Birth and Death RatesThis map is terrifying, for multiple reasons.Firstly, you see how rapidly life is being created, and how rapidly that life is being destroyed.That alone is enough to send a person into an existential crisis.4.5 people... Continue Reading →

What are the coolest inventions that exist today?

What are the coolest inventions that exist today? by Prerak SinghAnswer by Prerak Singh: These are the most convenient , comfortable and extraordinary -Baby strollerPing Pong DoorBaby mopAnti-theft Lunch bagWaist Watch BeltCutting Board Bird FeederFootball ChairOstrich PillowPizza ScissorsWater Gun UmbrellaCorner FramesPiano BellHats off!! to the inventors.Source : 30 Weird And Awesome Inventions What are the... Continue Reading →

What should you never try in life?

What should you never try in life? by @DeanYeongAnswer by Dean Yeong: Help people who don’t help themselves. People only change their behaviors when they want to. Don’t waste your time and energy changing people who clearly don’t have any intention and motivation to change.Rush to the conclusion before hearing from both sides. Our decisions... Continue Reading →

What are some amazing maps?

What are some amazing maps? by @NittinRajAnswer by Nitin Raj: To understand these map, imagine each country to be balloon. When a country scores higher the balloon swells up and when it scores lower it shrinks.World Map, in terms ofTourist destinationRefugee originRefugee destinationAircraft passengersRail networkRail passengersRoad networkPassenger carsAccording of populationCargo shippingGrocery exportersGrocery importersVegetable exportersVegetable importersMeat... Continue Reading →

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